Iraj Sufi Mohammad is in critical condition after a two-week hunger strike in solitary confinement

On Saturday, August 14, 2021 KMMK e.V. was reported that Iraj Sufi Mohammad is in serious physical condition after a two-week hunger strike in solitary confinement.
According to the report received, he is in dangerous physical condition despite gastric bleeding and separation in a solitary cell in the Iranian government prison in Urmia.

It is worth mentioning that the political prisoner “Iraj Sufi Mohammad” has been in solitary confinement since August 9th.
It should be noted that in 2017, Iraj Sufi Mohammad was arrested and tortured by intelligence agents once for protesting against forced labor. He was released after 18 months in prison and torture. However, he was arrested again on October 11, 2017, tortured and interrogated for 38 days at the Iranian Secret Service’s torture center in Urmia, and transferred to the central prison on October 12, 2019.
Sufi Mohammad was sentenced to 15 years in prison by the second division of the Revolutionary Court of the Iranian government in Urmia, headed by Judge Ali Sheikhlou, for acting “against national security” through membership in Salafist groups. The sentence was increased after the protest Reduced to 10 years in prison.