Three sentenced to death prisoners were transferred to solitary confinement to execution

On Friday, July 16, 2021, “Babak Aslani”, “Mohsen Esfahani” and “Meysam Sadeghi” were transferred to solitary confinement to serve their sentences.

According to the report, the men, who were sentenced to death for murder, were transferred to solitary confinement on Friday, July 16th, to serve their sentences and Two of these detainees were transferred from Dormitory 1-2 and another from the youth ward in the government prison in Urmie, despite protests from other detainees, but following this protest, the execution of these detainees, which was scheduled to happen this morning, was postponed to the next day.
According to the news, if these people do not succeed in obtaining the deadline or obtaining the consent of their parents during the current day, their sentence will be executed tomorrow morning.