Q.S.D. report; Turkey commits war crimes in Rojava

The Syrian Democratic Forces Information Center (QSD) in June report revealed the continuation of the Turkish government’s war crimes in western Kurdistan and published this month’s report as follows.

The Turkish military, its affiliated terrorist groups and gangs have repeatedly violated international humanitarian law of war in June.

This country and they influential groups have cut off water to the Aluk station, as well as draining the Euphrates River in very large quantities. This action has endangered the lives of millions of people.

Regarding water supply, the report said: “The Turkish government continues to harass millions of people in northern and eastern Syria and the border areas, making life difficult for them.

In this regard, the water of Aluk station, supply to the city of Hasakah and its villages has been completely cut off, and the water of the Euphrates River has been significantly reduced due to the many dams built on it in Turkey, which coincides with the silence of the international community and International institutions have turned a deaf ear to our ongoing demands to end the tyranny and crimes of the Turkish government, which are tangible examples of war crimes.

Afrin has been bombed at least twice. The report also documented the violation of the agreement on civilian and weapons-free areas and the continued bombing of rural areas in Afrin and northern Aleppo, and provided the following information:

The Turkish government has 565 time violated the October 17th Agreement on Civilian Areas. The country has also shelled the rural areas of Afrin and northern Aleppo 393 time, and 65 residents of Afrin Canton have lost their lives as a result of these bombings.

It’s noteworthy that 63 civilians and civilians were also abducted.

In the occupied territories, war crimes occur
The report states that bombings, targeted attacks, riots and killings of civilians on the northern and eastern borders of Syria by Turkish border guards continue in areas occupied by Turkish forces, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups.

The Center for Military Monitoring recorded at least 13 attacks and bombings in June, killing 21 people and injuring many others.
23 civilians were killed in ISIS terrorist attacks
The center said in a report that ISIS gangs and terrorist cells targeted several areas in June.

The report also states that it recorded 11 attacks (explosions, targeted attacks, kidnappings and murders) in June, most of which were carried out in Dir-alzoor by the ISIS terrorist group Has registered. As a result of these terrorist attacks,23 civilians, security forces and soldiers were killed.