Urmie؛ Execution of three prisoners, including a child criminal

Sunday, July 4, 2021, at least three citizens named “Bahadin and Davood Ghasemzadeh”, son of Faisal from Qormik village of Urmie, and “Anwar Abdolahi” native of Mahabad, who had previously sentenced to retaliation (execution) for premeditated murder. They were executed this morning in Iran Prison in Urmie.

Mr Bahadin was 17 years old at the time of his arrest, He was charged with both murders in court. On the same day after the end of trial, he fled and took refugee in the Kurdistan region.

After he escaped, security forces arrested his sister, mother and other brother and transferred them to prison, demanding that Bahadin return in exchange for his family’s release. Bahadin also returned to the country a month later.

It’s noteworthy that Davood Ghasemzadeh severely injured due to beatings by security forces and interrogators.

It should be noted that the Kurdistan Human Rights Association published news yesterday about the possible execution of these three prisoners.