Sardar Ebrahimnejad: I carried the body of my wife, Mehri Nabizadeh, for two hours

“Mehri Nabizadeh”, 27 years old native Sardasht, died on the way to Greek from a heart attack due to fatigue.

Mehri Nabizadeh, along with her husband and two daughters, ages 4 and 7, lost her life were trying to reach the Greek on the border between Turkey and Greece.
Sardar Ebrahimnejad, Mehri’s wife said: “On the land route between Turkey and Greece, my wife was unable to walk due to extreme fatigue, and the people who accompanied us on this route did not cooperate and left us alone, and eventually my wife suffered He had a cardiac arrest and lost her life in front of me and my children.”
He added: “I carry wife’s body over my shoulders for more than two hours and walked in the jungles of Greece with my two young crying daughters, until I reached someone and he informed the police,” .
Mr. Ebrahimnejad also stated that after being informed by the police, the police transferred his wife’s body to the morgue of one of the hospitals and arrested him and his two young children, who are currently being held in Fylacio camp close to alexandropolice city.
Police said he wasn’t allowed to see his wife’s body until her 14-day quarantine period ended.

The European Union and the anti-asylum policies of European countries have led to the death of dozens of asylum seekers in 2020 and 2021.