The assassination of Deniz Poyraz is a continuation of the Turkish government’s colonial policies against the Kurds


On Thursday, June 17, 2021, “Deniz Poyraz”, a female political activist from North Kurdistan was assassinated and murdered by a person named “Onor Ganjar”.

The Turkish government-affiliated terrorist attacked the office of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) in Izmir and killed Deniz Poyraz, a female employee of the office, after setting the building on fire.

This Turkish terrorist is a 27 year old and member of the Turkish Gray Wolves terrorist group.

This man posted racist remarks and pictures of himself holding various weapons on his Instagram account, making inhumane and violent remarks against the Kurds.

According to the photos he published, he was a military man who was present with the Islamic terrorist movements affiliated with Turkey and took part in the Turkish occupation attacks in west Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association condemns this terrorist act and ask the Kurdish people and political organizations in North Kurdistan to call on the international community to address the Kurdish issue as guardians of international peace and security and to demand their right to self-determination under UN auspices.

Kurdistan Human Rights Society