Sna; A citizen was shot by police forces


Thursday, June 3, 2021, A Resident of Sna identified “Aram Ahmadi” was shot and wounded in the right leg by police officers station 18th.

According to a report, the police station forces disrespected a shopkeeper in the neighborhood of Naser.

This unjust act of the agents was protested by the people and along with Aram Ahmadi, he also participated in this protest.

He was seriously wounded in the right leg by one of the police officers of the 18th police station and was taken to Kawsar Hospital for treatment.

According to a local source, during the transfer to the hospital and after the hospital staff contacted the police and they were present at the hospital, government officials wrote their work report on a piece of cartoon and addressed mr ahmadi saying, “Go, be Thankful for didn’t targeting your head.”


Kurdistan Human Rights Association