The theft of Kolbar’s goods by the Iranian Border Regiment


: On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, The I.R’s border Regiment looted the goods of about 30 kolbars in the Horaman highlands.

According to the report, the iranian Border Armed Force based in the border areas of Horaman attacked a convoy of kolbars, stole the goods and equipment of more than 30 kolbars and wounded several others.

According to local sources; One of the kolbars named “Farhad” was attacked by the Border Armed Forces, who was severely wounded, and several other kolbars were beaten by the same forces. P.S: Kolbar (Kurdish: کۆڵبەر‎) is a worker who is employed to carry goods on his/her back across the borders. Most Kolbars live in eastern Kurdistan and they come from the poorest regions in the area.

Kolbars are mostly considered illegal and have no insurance, retirement plans and unions.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association