Several people are injured due to Salafie’s attack

On Sunday, May 23, 2021, injuring several people in attack about 50 Salafi forces to the residents of Sna in the “Khezr-Zandeh” Street, .
According to the report, Salafi forces attacked people in Haji Ava neighborhood, Zagros town, Shura square, Kurdistan boulevard and technical office, during which several people were injured and taken to Kosar hospital in the city.
Following these attacks, Religious extremists forces attacked Kowsar Hospital in Sna, demanding the surrender of wounded for they called punishment by these forces.
According to local sources, the people prevented the wounded from being handed over to the Salafi forces, which led to clashes between the Islamic extremist forces and ordinary people and the closure of Kowsar Hospital overnight.
It should be noted that some time ago, Salafi forces in the cities of Marivan and Saqez, with the support of the Revolutionary Guards, attacked a number of people in these cities and wounded several people.
According to a reliable source in the city of Marivan, the Salafis of this city have been under the surveillance of the IRGC and under the leadership of Mullah Mohsen Kohanpoushi, son of Sheikh Talib and Mullah Qader, as well as Mullah Mostafa Shirzadi, the imam of the Iranian government in this city since 2007. They are conducting training courses to suppress the people in this city in East Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association