A Prisoner Committed Suicide In The Urmie Central Prison’s Of I.R.Iran

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, a prisoner in the Central Prison of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Urmie, with identity “Esmail Talebi”, committed suicide by Cuting himself wrist vein.

According to the report, Esmail Talebi, after 7 years imprisonment, committed suicide by his own wrist vein in protest of translocate the prisoners.
It’s worth mentioning that he was taken to the prison’s medical center, but according to reports, his physical condition was declared unfavorable due to severe bleeding.

The reason for his arrest was reported in connection with drugs.

In this connection, it has been reported that on the mentioned date, 300 prisoners were transferred from the worker’s ward of Urmie Central Prison to the addict’s ward of that prison, which provoked a strong reaction and protests from prisoners in other wards. Because these transfers will cause the spread of addiction in this prison as much as possible.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association