The Iranian police arrested 12 protesters and supported a Islamic mobs


Monday, May 1st 2021 the Iranian intelligence forces attacked protesters who were against Islamic extremists in the city of Marivan , and arrested 12 persons which so far four of them been recognized:
Kazhwan Fayzi
Four Fayzi
Sherko Fayzi
Ako Chawgi

Accoutring to reporters, Monday night intelligence forces attacked the Cofee store in the main intersection and 12 young men been arrested.

Sunday April 30, group of Islamic mobs who been supported by government attacked civilians by knife and at least two persons been injured.

People who know this group of extremists have supported by intelligence forces, showed their protests by gathering on the Main Street in the Marivan city.

So far at least 12 persons have been arrested and Jamal Fayzi who been injured by this extremists is critical according to hospital reports received by KMMK

Kurdistan Human Rights Association