The suicide attempt caused the son die and father go into Coma

On Monday, April 19, 2021, “Salah Kasraei”, 30 years old son of Mohammad and resident of “kani-spi” in Marivan, committed family suicide. As result, he fell into a coma and his son lost his life.
According to a reliable source, Salah Kasraei was in a very bad financial condition, because of this reason, by taking pill, he caused the death of his young son named “Samyar” and fell himself into a coma as result of suicide attempts.
This reliable source told the KMMK that Salah’s father was shot and killed by Iranian forces in the “Barda-rash” area of ​​Marivan in 2006 and his wife also divorced 2 years later and separated from him.
The source also added that the Iranian government’s administrative officials in the Marivan prevented Salah from gaining access to the family inheritance and did not allow him to use his paternal inheritance. His financial situation and unemployment for several years led him to commit suicide by taking pills.

It is noteworthy that unemployment, poverty, lack of job opportunities and the policies of the Iranian government are one of the main reasons for the suicide of citizens and the increase in divorce rates in East Kurdistan.

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