Nowruz Celebration banned, Cisar under siege


According to the report received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association, holding Nowruz ceremonies in the cities of Sardasht and Rabat and the village of Cisar has been banned.

On Saturday, March 20, 2021, Iranian military forces besieged the village of Cisar and banned any Nowruz celebrations. According to a reliable source, the Iranian military and security forces have warned the people to refrain from holding any ceremonies and have summoned and threatened a number of civil activists in the city.

According to a report received by the KMMK, Iranian military forces have completely surrounded the village of Cisar in the city of Rabat and banned any movement to this village.

It is noteworthy that the cities of Rabat and Sardasht and the villages around these two cities provide large ceremonies every year with arrival of the new year, with the wide participation of the people.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association