A teenager from Mahabad was arrested

Wednesday, March 17, 2021, “Pishva Rahmanifar” has been arrested by security and intelligence forces of I.R.Iran.
Pishva Rahmanifar, 15 year old son of Ali resident of Mahabad, who was arrested on Wednesday by the security and intelligence forces of I.R.Iran in Mahabad.
According to the report received by KMMK, he was arrested without any court order and transferred to unknown location.
According to a honest source, intelligence forces have arrested Pishva Rahmanifar on charges of supporting a Kurdish opposition party in Iran.
It is noteworthy that exact information about the whereabouts and fate of this teenager is not available.
People under the age of 18 are legally considered children and shouldn’t be detained by security or intelligence forces. Detention of individuals for their activities or support of political parties, political and social activities and political expression is a gross violation of human rights.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association