At least 32 persons have been arrested in the last ten days


According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V., at least 32 young people have been arrested by the Iranian government in eastern Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association revealed seven persons arrested in Tehran, the detainees are Kurdish students from Kharazmi-University in Tehran and have the following names:

Sohib BadrojFarzad SamaniDarya TalebaniSirvan Nori
Salar RahviShapol KhezriAfshin Mam Ahmad 

They have been transferred to a known place by the intelligence forces of IRG.

At the same time, in Mehabad city, Iman Abdi, Hasan Abdi and Soran Hossain Zadeh have detained.

The locals confirmed that Guard Revolutionary intelligence arrested three young men in the Rabat city names: Bahman Yusef Zadeh, Farhad Mosa pur and Faridon Mosa Pur.

According to the reports in the Marivan in operation Zanyar Mohtamedi, Sirvan Karim Nizhad, Karvan Minoei and Karo Alidad, Jabar Pirouzi and Selman Advaei have been arrested.

Two people named Siamak Mansourpour and Akram (Mohammad) Advaei from Selin, Hewraman, were arrested by the Iranian government’s security forces.

A civil activist named Aram Yousefi has also been arrested in Sine (Sanandaj), Aram Moradian and Kamel Nouri were also detained for several hours and then released temporarily.

In the city of Naqadeh, three people named Abdullah Haji Ahmadi, Peyman Haji Ahmadi and Ms. Gelavij Abdollahi were arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

These ongoing operations continued in Bokan City and four people were arrested, Azimah Naseri and Hosein Gardeshi are among those arrested who have been confirmed so far.

These operations completely unlawful and without any evidence. Neither permission of court has been accomplished.

All these detainees faced violence and transferred to unknown facilities, which raised their families’ concerns.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association