A Kurdish refuge family in Turkey faced being deported to Iran.

Fateme Ibrahimi, a 32-year-old mother of a family with her husband Payman Mala Mirzaie, 34 years old and their daughters Raha and Rezhvan, have been informed by Turkey immigration authorities will be deported to Iran soon.
According to KMMK Human Rights organization , Mrs. Ibrahimi informed us “a few days ago we got a message from Turkey immigration office that Wednesday, Dec 30, 2020, we should deliver all the immigration IDs and all documents.”

She said, “when we went to the immigration office in Turkey, we been told that our refuge application has been rejected. We have 30 days to leave Turkey as a volunteer; otherwise, the Turkish authority will deport them by force.”

Mrs. Ibrahimi told the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V. that Turkey’s immigration Officer took their IDs and refuge documents and gave them a 30-day removal paper to leave the country.

Mrs. Ibrahimi and her husband have a social case as they have married without their family been informed. According to Iranian law, this is a crime, and they will be facing prosecution in Iran.

They married 11 years ago without permission from their family. It is considering a crime in Iran’s Islamic law, and their family has been threatened by Mrs. Ibrahimi’s family constantly. Raha nine years old, their first daughter was born in Solymani (Iraq), and Rechvan, three years old, was born in Turkey.

They are seeking asylum in a third country. Mrs. Ibrahimi was told that their case was accepted by UNHCR years ago and allowed to stay in Turkey as long as the government got their refugee application.
Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V. according to the International Declaration of Human Rights, because this family carried permission to stay in Turkey and sending them to Iran will face detention, torture, and even their family tie will be in danger:
Calls for all Human Rights Organizations and activists to stop this family’s deportation by Turkey authority to Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association