Greece: Attack and violation of a member of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association


On Monday, September 7, 2020, in Athens, the capital of Greece, a member of the Kurdish human rights organization “Abdollsaalam Mollahahmadi”, known as Arsalan Ahmadi Rigabadi from Urmia Province in Eastern Kurdistan, was attacked by several people and seriously injured.

This member of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association announced: On Monday at 7 p.m. I was beaten by three people in front of Alexander Park in Athens so that I could not react or defend myself.

He added, “This brutal attack on me broke my head and two of my teeth.” This member of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association stated that the attack was carried out by people who spoke the same language as me and who spoke Kurdish (Kurmanji).

KMMK strongly condemns this heinous act, but appeals to the Greek government and demands that the perpetrators find this incident and be brought to justice.

This active member of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association has been accepting his political asylum application for some time and accordingly Greece should respond to this aggressive action and identify and prosecute these people.

We also call on human rights organizations and institutions, as well as the Organization for the Elimination of Violence against Journalists (CPT), to intervene in this matter and not to remain silent about the lost rights of a colleague and a member of this human rights organization.

KMMK calls on the Greek government police to take the necessary measures against our colleague’s case as soon as possible and to make the result public.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association