The Kurdish Human Rights Situation Report in August 2020


This is KMMK’s monthly report, August 2020, on the human rights situation in eastern Kurdistan. This report summarizes key human rights issues on events during August 2020, including executions, detentions, homicide, Police shootings and workplace safety incidents. Data is collected from several sources of KMMK, including direct reports.
This report does not include every issue and event. The absence of an issue is due to resource limitations, restriction to access to the country, the availability of information, and silencing independent voices, civil and human rights groups by the Iranian government.
In August 2020 Iranian government continued its disregard for basic human rights by discrimination, illegal detention of Kurdish citizens, torture and closing off any possibility of organized political activities that are not fully aligned with its propaganda.


In August 2020, at least four people were executed in Iranian prisons.

First nameFamily nameAgeCityAccusationDare of excecuation
KeyvanRezagholi43Senneh (Sanandaj)Homicide15.08.2020
FayeqAhmadi39Senneh (Sanandaj)Homicide11.08.2020
ArsalanYasini30UrimiaHomicide (killing his grandparents in the age of 17)17.08.2020

Imprisonment and illegal detention:

In August 2020, at least forty four Kurdish civilians were detained by Iranian security forces. Most of the detainees were arrested without any clear accusation and without court order. It has been reported that some detainees have been beaten and tortured by the security and intelligence forces.

First nameFamily nameAgePlace of detentionDateAccusation
First nameFamily nameAgePlace of detentionDateAccusation
BakhtiarRahimiUnknownMarivanExact date is unknown and on 1st of August it was publicized.Conspiracy and collusion – labor activist
MerajMortezai35Deyvaznav – Sarvabad04.08.2020Unknown
ParsaRostami17Paveh05.08.2020Joining a Kurdish party for a week and leaving
AfshinSeyyedmoradi20Darab – Dalahu05.08.2020Unknown
YahyaSeyyedmoradi19Darab – Dalahu05.08.2020Unknown
ArashDarabi18Darab – Dalahu05.08.2020Unknown
HamidAbdi40Urmia09.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
WiryaDelangizUnknownMarivan09.08.2020Disruption of public order
MadehFathiUnknownSenneh (Sanandaj)10.08.2020Unknown – environmental activist
FarzadHosseiniUnknownKamyaran01.08.2020 (arrested also on 17.02.2018)Acting against national security
FaryadAbdiUnknownKamyaran05.08.2020Unknown – environmental activist
FoadMohammadpourUnknownAalikand – Boukan11.08.2020Unknown
FayeqShariatpanah35Hajiava – Boukan10.08.2020Unknown – Muslim clergy
YounesKhezri22Pushave – Shino04.08.2020Unknown
HeminKarimiUnknownSaqqez05.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
HiwaAminiUnknownSaqqez05.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
ArmiaRanjbarUnknownSaqqez05.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
WiryaAminiUnknownSaqqez05.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
AliGhaderiUnknownSaqqez05.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
VahedEbrahimianUnknownBoukan16.08.2020Unknown – athlete
EsmailAliparvariUnknownBoukan13.08.2020Unknown – religious activist
HoramNaderi17Senneh (Sanandaj)19.08.2020Unknown
AriaAmini15Senneh (Sanandaj)19.08.2020Unknown
AmanjHamzalouiUnknownBoukan20.08.2020Unknown – religious activist
SherkoShiavashi37Sardasht21.08.2020Conversion to Christianity
OsmanTahmasebi30Qurwe (Qorveh)21.08.2020Unknown
SoleimanZandUnknownMiandoab21.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
KamranTavanUnknownMiandoab21.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
KhaleqBarjastehUnknownMiandoab21.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
AbdulkarimTaratUnknownMahabad21.08.2020Unknown – Imam of Ebrahimabad village
FarzadMoradiUnknownMarivan – Helizava village23.08.2020Participating in the funeral of environmental activists 
NoushirvanRezaiUnknownMarivan – Helizava village23.08.2020Participating in the funeral of environmental activists 
Sharif AminiUnknownBaneh – Shoi village22.08.2020Unknown
GhaderRahmaniUnknownSardasht25.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
KhosroJahanaraUnknownSardasht25.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
SardarMalaUnknownSardasht25.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
AkamHasanzadehUnknownSaqqez25.08.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
KhabatMafakheri35Senneh (Sanandaj)25.08.2020Unknown
AliRashidiUnknownBaneh – Bandejaj village19.08.2020Unknown
HasanJangkhah21Mergerwer – Urmia19.08.2020 (arrested also a year ago)Unknown – religious activist

Kolbar and merchants:

Kolbar (Kurdish: کۆڵبەر‎) is a worker who is employed to carry goods on his/her back across the borders. Most Kolbars live in eastern Kurdistan and they come from the poorest regions in the area. Kolbars are mostly considered illegal and have no insurance, retirement plans and unions.

In this month several Kolbars and merchants have been shot directly by Iranian border forces and Turkish border forces, and as a result five individuals died. In this month seven Kolbars and merchants were also detained by Iranian police.

Died Kolbars and merchants:

First nameFamily nameAgePlace of residencePlace of incidentCause of deathDate
EbrahimBarikar41ChaldiranYukarjili – near ChaldiranDirect shooting by Turkish border forces05.08.2020
HadiKhori22Karimabad village – BanehDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces13.08.2020
SerajAhmadi37Koran – Sumay-ye BeradustDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces15.08.2020
BaranBasham35Yolagildi – Shut-UrimaZanjanDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces16.08.2020
AliAshrafian40Yolagildi – Shut-UrimaZanjanDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces17.08.2020

Detained Kolbars and merchants:

First nameFamily nameAgePlace of incidentAccusationDate
KhedrAziziSardashtMerchant – no political activism is known22.07.2020
ParvizMohammadiBavan village – Mergur UrmiaKolbar15.08.2020
SamiMohammadiBavan village – Mergur UrmiaKolbar16.08.2020
JafarMohammadiBavan village – Mergur UrmiaKolbar17.08.2020
SoheibKaveh31Nei village – MarivanMerchant – no political activism is known22.08.2020
RebuwarArjangi30Nei village – MarivanMerchant – no political activism is known23.08.2020
MohammadArjangi25Nei village – MarivanMerchant – no political activism is known24.08.2020

Suicide and self-immolation:
In August 2020 at least six individuals (four female and two male) committed suicide and self-immolation.

First nameFamily nameAgePlaceReasonDateCause of death
MasoudGhaderiSwiss – from BoukanRejection of his immigration request23.08.2020Jumping under a train
Apo(Yarsan)19SaqqezUnknown – he was a memberof Komala Shoreshger party14.08.2020
M.A.21Piranshar (Piranshahr)Unknown01.08.2020Committed suicide in a hotel in Urmia
TinaMohammadi17Ciwanro‎ (Javanrud)Unknown – she was a member of Komala party01.08.2020Suicide
Unknown – FemaleUnknown19Simaqlu village – SeqqezUnknown21.08.2020Suicide

Incidents due to Workplace Safety issues:

In August 2020 at least three individuals had incidents during work due to Workplace Safety issues.

First nameFamily nameCityDateOccupationPlace of incident
SalahAlizadehBonab10.08.2020WorkerBrick kiln
Unknown-maleUnknownBadr – Ilam06.08.2020InstallerUnknown
Unknown-maleUnknownBadr – Ilam06.08.2020InstallerUnknown

KMMK encourages Kurdish people in eastern Kurdistan to practice their basic human rights and to report to international institutions and to the world, the discriminations and violations of human rights by Iranian regime.
Kurdistan human rights Association