Turkey commits genocide in western Kurdistan

Kurdistan Human Rights Association calls on the UN, the European Union, the allied coalition in the fight against ISIS, to take practical measures to force Turkey to end this genocide in western Kurdistan.

Just during its days, dozens of people have been killed, hundreds injured and hundreds of thousands forced to flee their homes because of the Turkish military offensive in western Kurdistan.

The Turkish government’s plan is to purge and massacre the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan, occupy this part of Kurdistan and change the demographic context.

The withdrawal of the Allied forces has paved the way for the Turkish government’s plans. In recent days, American, French, and most European and Arab countries have cautiously condemned the Turkish attacks on the Kurds. But it is not enough Allied forces and international forces should act and protect the people of Western Kurdistan.

The genocide of the Kurds is reminiscent of the genocide of Jews and Armenians, the genocide that the international community could have acted in time and prevented it. This time, the international community must act quickly and prevent genocide in Western Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association stresses that the responsibility for its crimes lies primarily with the Turkish government, but wants the international community, the UN and influential world states to force Turkey to withdraw its military and stop Turkey’s bombings in western Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association