“Ramin Hossein Panahi”and ”Hedayat Abdollahpour” Sentenced to death

Kurdistan Human Right Association: On 15,January,2018 “Ramin Hosein Panahi”Held her court on He was tried in the first branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of the Republic of Iran on charges of membership in Komala and Baghī, meaning a coping with the government, and on 24,February 2018 by the court The sentence was sentenced to death in a communique.

“Hedayat Abdollahi-Poor”Another Kurdish political prisoner,was sentenced to death,who was previously sentenced to death in the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Uromiye after being protested to the verdict,On 9,January,2018 despite being convicted by the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court, was again sentenced to death by the branch is the same width,this Kurd political prisoner, along with six other citizens, was detained in June 2016 after a clash in the Qare-Saghel village,Oshnaviyeh was arrested.

According to the Iranian population, this country has the first place in the world to execute its citizens. Execution in Iran is included in the law.

The crimes that are punishable by the law for which they have been foreseen for execution include murder, rape, sexual harassment of children, sodomy, mosque (if it is repeated), drug trafficking, armed robbery, kidnapping and the crime of Moharebeh Baḵdah and Afsad Fialarz (charged mainly to political prisoners) They are).

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Human Rights Center, in 2010, 446 people were executed in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran, of which nearly 20% of the executed, 86 of whom were Kurdish citizens.

31 of the executed were hanged by the Islamic Republic of Iran; 9 of these executions were in eastern Kurdistan, accounting for nearly 30% of executions carried out in the eastern part of Kordestan.

In 2016, 44 people were executed on charges of moharebeh and corruptors in Iran, 30 of them executed for political and security reasons, of which 27 were Kurdish citizens.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association