More than 20% of executions in Iran are kurds.

More than 20% of executions in Iran are kurds.

The 10th of October is October 18th, the International Day for the Suppression of the Death Penalty. In fact, the death penalty is punishable by punishment and punishable by severe punishment. This punishment is one of the foreseen in the law of some countries, in which the law of the state and the judgment of the revolutionary court, the general, criminal, military, and … life of a human being are abandoned.

Death sentences in the laws of the Islamic State of Iran are divided into two types according to a general divide: Shari’a-based sentences and rulings established by the legislature

According to this division, over the past year, nearly 600 citizens have been hanged by the Islamic Republic of Iran through executions and retaliation, which has been a media outburst.

According to a study conducted by the Kurdistan Human Rights Human Rights Association, prisoners are sometimes executed for various crimes in Iranian prisons, which are executed in secret and not in the media.

According to a report and statistics released, between October 10, 2016 and October 10, 2017, five hundred and eight prisoners have been executed in prisons in the Islamic Republic of Iran, of which more than 20% of the executed prisoners have been made by Kurdish citizens.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Human Rights Association publishes the names, locations and times of 89 Kurd prisoners executed.