The kurdish political prisoner, Mohammad Nazari’s life is threatened.

The kurdish political prisoner, Mohammad Nazari’s life is threatened.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association, supporting the demands of Mohammad Nazari, holds the Islamic Republic of Iran accountable for any inconvenient event regarding the health of this political prisoner in Rajaishahr prison.

Mohammad Nazari has undergone a hunger strike for 70th days, his current average blood pressure beingd below 90 for a week and his heart rate below 50.

He has difficulties because of severe physical weakness and he can only walk with the help of other prisoners and he can only speak with great difficulty.

Mohammad Nazari has been admitted to hospital several weeks ago because of his illness.

He was once deployed to the hospital before being admitted to the hospital for two days and one night in a hospital outside the prison.

Last Monday, the prosecutor’s representative went to visit him and to tell him that the prosecutors could not do anything to fulfill his demands, and it was better to end his strike, and Mohammad Nazari responded that he won’t stop.

This imprisonment is based on his rightful claims to litigate and re-examine the case. If the hunger strike of this political prisoner continues, he will surely die and his death will be because of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been harming and exerting pressure on Kurdish political activists and sentenced them to imprisonment for long periods of time and executed them.

Kurdistan human rights Association