Simply all the genocides

The village of Qarna is one of the villages in the Kurdistan province. With a focus on divisions in Iran, this village is designated as an administrative unit of the city of Naqadeh and the province of Azarbaijan. The village was surrounded by agents of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the people living in this village received by the Envoy of the Iranian Government Were killed. The devastating consequences of the Kurdish genocide in Qarna did not end in their killing, but government officials, after committing a crime, did not even have mercy on the bodies of the victims and separated them from the body with cleaver. Apart from this perpetrators’ behavior, the murderers were aware that these crimes had been under the protection of the central government of Iran over the past 33 years and never been summoned to the courts to condemn them to a single hearing of the desperately afflicted survivors of those victims.

After the removal of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, they were delighted with the whole idea of ​​a better people, they did not suppose they were able to find a new regime like the former regime, but history showed that they were wrong and that the central government of the country was the same as the regime’s policy The previous one was applied to the Kurds. Just a few months after the revolution of the Iranian people you had been in the areas of “Soma and Bradoost”, the pressure and courage to intensify the inhabitants of this territory, in which more than 30 villages of this logic were vacated. These forced displacements, considered one of the genocidal types, were reflected in the Kayhan newspaper, which was in the hands of the Iranian regime, and was published in 8 April 1979,(18/1/1358).

The Iranian government, which put the name of the Kurdish people at the top of your agenda, with the emphasis on the book “The Qarna and the Revolution”, which contained the official documents of the Iranian government and the time collected by the time of the gathering, confirms that “Haj Azim Maboudi”In the name of the gentlemen,” Behlol Golestan “,” Aziz Bazdar “and” Khalil Khosravi “( old men the region) wrote:” After the greetings, please, go for the city to prepare the grocery of the village of Qarna, yourself and other brothers of the village of Qarna, Come and go. Everyone will create the slightest trouble for you and your other Kurdish brothers, immediately call on the authorities or the authorities to take it as a counter-revolutionary name to the public authorities. Get rid of any frightened and unhappy, we are brothers. The inhabitants of the village of Qarna, who lived with the fear of the regime’s killing of the regime in their entire Kurdish homeland,having received such a name from a state official, they came to a relative peace and looked at their fortunes with pleasure. But they were unaware that this is just a trap of the regime, and the government has given them such a name for demagogy and preventing the escape of the inhabitants of this region.

On September 2, 1979 (11/6/1358), around 1:00 pm, when the Kurdak team played in the wake of their families, women were engaged in domestic work, and a number of men and youth were around ten in livestock and agriculture, officials The Iranian regime, who was armed with tanks, light and heavy, hot and cold balls and weapons, carried the village of Qarnah. In a report published on this subject in the database of information on the day of 1979-12-7, the agents of the regime were equipped with a tank, a ball, light weapons and a straightforward referral. When the envoys of the Iranian nation, with their weapons of war, were transferred to the village, Mullah Mohammad was killed in the village of Qarna. By obtaining the Quranic scripture, the most valuable book for the Muslims, he was welcomed by the military and swore allegiance to him. Killing innocent people of Karnan. The prisoners of the Thyri regime dumped on that old man and, after killing him, severed his head from the tension. This terrible event was recorded in the Tehran Newspaper on 7 December 1979.

With that in mind for the two-monthly film on this site by Mr. Behdad Bordbar, there were about 80 families living in the village of Qarna. The Day of the Kayhan Newspaper of Tehran, a newspaper of the clerical regime, published a report on this issue on November 27, 1979, and 68 were announced by the victims of the Qarnah. The country’s military officers searched for every three hours in that village. Young children killed women, old and young. Once they committed the killing and the command of the communiqué, they packed the bodies of the innocent victims and placed them outside the village outside of the village to suppose they were killed in a war. The Daily Newspaper of Tehran’s Press published a report on this issue in the same issue on the same date, and The Daily Newspaper of Tehran’s Press 7 – 12- 1979 ,published a report on this issue in the same issue on the same date, and referred to the killing brutal behavior of killers with a single body of the Qarna Victims.

Sadeq Khalkhali, who was one of the forerunners of many executions in Kurdistan and Iran, wrote in connection with the killing of the Qarna in the letter to Khomeini: “The flow of the Qarna, the heart of every human being, is burning.” Mullah Mahmud Masturzadeh, who has been enthralled by the Qur’an for the sake of the people, “Maboudi” and “Major Najafi” and “Aziz Qaderi” and “Mullah Hassani” have killed them and 65 people are in a terrible manner. If Imam (Khomeini) does not deal with this issue, then which authority will he deal with? Sincerely, Sadeq Khalkhali.

The terrible massacre of the Kurds in Qarna attracted such a heated debate in the media, which called for the name of Mehdi Bahadoran, Khomeini, and Montazeri’s written command, for Kurdistan and Azerbaijan for local psychological research, which was published in the information database in 17- 9 -1979 , It was mentioned. Mehdi Bahadoran did a great deal of research on the killing of Qarna, did write the relevant documents, record your reports with the local people on the tape, and, after carrying out his mission, delivered a report to Khomeini on The information publication was published on the 17th day of 1979-9. The report says that the murderers of the people of Qarna were armed by prominent government officials such as Dr. Chamran, Chief Minister Zahir Nejad, Colonel Shahbazian (Commander of the 64th Urmia Division), and other Army and Gen. commanders.

Mehdi Bahadoran to Khomeini and Montazeri announced that they had carried out a lot of research and had a lot of documents and documents. Evidence and evidence of his investigation proved that “Maboudi” and “colonel Najafi” oversaw the juvenile forces (radical Turkish) in the killing of the Kurds of Qarna, and at the end of the writing, was the support of Zahir Nejad from murderers and criminals, the right to arrest and The trial did not kill the criminals. The report was handed over by Mr. Bahadoran to Khomeini in 1979-9, 1979, and two days later, was received in the Etelaat newspaper.

In another report that was related to the survivors of the victims of the Qarna, there are important points to note in the information publication in the year of 1979-2-7: Hamza Sharifi, 15, a secondry school student who has passed the guideline on what happened at 1 afternoon second of September, this year. He said: … surrounded all around the tent with tanks and balls, and some 100 people, along with a person from Bassem Qaderi, like the Mujahedin-e Pasddar, slaughtered the mosque and saw everyone with their hands, they were killed and killed. Rouhani of village, with a cover of the Qur’an, went to them and swore that the people of these ten do not have any fault and sin. The strikers, Rouhani of village, immediately killed and cut off his head and took him and the cleric was not yet found.

Another person, “Seyed Ahmad”, who lost 9 of his family members, explained that he had killed some people with a gun. They slammed some people with a knife and a knife and killed some others, especially children, and kicked their boots. Once Seyyed Ahmad returns from the city to the village of Qarna, he sees hell in front of his eyes, this was his last remark, as explained by the reporters.

A group of people from the village of Qarna came to Kurdistan with a visit to Kurdistan with two minis buses from Qarna to Mahabad.with their words, they had upset Dariush Forouhar.

When Forouhar a woman whose husband and two daughters had lost that will handle your case, with the cries and tears, said: “… in our villages crime, money we do not want, we just want the murderers of our loved ones make a trial Let her palms up and paid for. We do not want anything except justice. We want someone to cry out. Someone will come here and look at our work. Yesterday, some people came and said: “It was a war and it was a war, but it was not a war here, religion, a prophet, here they killed a handful of innocent people.” How could four-year-old child participate in the war?

(This entry was written on the thirty-fourth anniversary of the killing of the people of the village of Qarna in the vicinity of the city of Naqadeh is in east Kurdistan, and it has been published in several websites and newspapers. With the permission of Mr. Saeed Sanandaji, the author of this article on the thirty – eighth anniversary of the killing on this site Also released.)

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