The arrest of Kurdish citizens by the forces of the Ministry of Information of the Islamic Republic of Iran

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Ministry of Intelligence has arrested a number of residents of the village of Quri Qala, from the district of Ravansar in eastern Kurdistan, to allegations of co-operation with Salafi forces, tape and cd player and advertise at Sanandaj city arrested and transferred to unknown locations.

The names of some of them are as follows: “Asad Sayyadi” son of Hussein, “Muslem Naderi” son of Mansur, “Behnam Bahrami” son of Mohammad Saeed, “Ya’qub Babakhani” son of Mahmud and “Omid Feizi” Amir’s son, it is necessary to say that in this context, the Ministry of Intelligence also inspected other persons and registered their personal belongings and personal belongings and they were asked to introduce themselves to the Information Office for some explanation.

“Borhan Baweisi”, “Kamal Baweisi” and “Amjad Karimi” are people who have been investigated by the Information Bureau, while their are the official members of the Basij and the Guardians of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association