The USA court summons Erdoğan bodyguards

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, and a quote from the Forat News, a court jury in Washington has issued indictments against 19 Guardians of Erdoğan and other Turks living in the United States.

The decision is based on the assassination of Erdogan’s personal bodyguards in a peaceful demonstration of custodians in Washington. During Erdogan’s visit to Washington in May, Erdogan’s personal bodyguards and other racist groups attacked the peaceful protest of Curds in the campus of the Erdogan meeting with American authorities and severely violated them.

In the indictment presented by the Washington Court Jury, there are 19 people, of whom 15 are Erdogan personal guards. If they are proven by the court, they may be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association