The protest of carrier “Piranshahr ” and block the axis Tamrchin – Piranshahr

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Saturday 26 August 2017,a group of carrier and activists of the Piranshahr border market in protest of the closure of the border area of “Piranshahr” in eastern Kurdistan, they blocked the central axis of Tamrchin – Piranshahr.

According to local news sources, one of the most important demands of the protesters was the reopening of the border line, which after about 2 months of the visit of the country’s inspectors team on the borderline activity of Piranshahr and also in response to the cargo transported by carrier blocked the activities of this route.

Carrier, who works in the border area of Piranshahr after the closure of this issue, has been referred several times to the authorities and parliamentary speaker, and they objected to this situation, but in most cases they were faced with a lack of attention from the authorities.

It should be noted that a meeting was held for this purpose in the hall of the provincial councils of Piranshahr and it was decided to consult the provincial authorities, including the border guard authorities, about the settlement of the import tariffs as soon as possible and the opening of the border with the provincial authorities as soon as possible and while the management of the governorate of Piranshahr on Thursday 24 August , announced the reopening of the border crossing of Piranshahr on Saturday 26 August 2017.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association