The Malekshahi district of Ilam, east of Kurdistan, faces a crisis of water shortage

Following the news of the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the city of Malekshahi, Ilam, with a population of about 50,000 people, despite the existence of vast resources, is struggling with the problems of drinking water crisis. These residents have to go to springs around the city or other villages to provide water for drinking water.

At the same time, residents of 3 cities and 28 villages with a population of about 50 thousand people live in this city and lack safe drinking water.

According to the researches, Ilam province is one of the richest provinces of Iran in terms of its underground resources, but the waters of this city, like most of the waters of eastern Kurdistan, have been transferred to other parts of Iran, and through the transfer of this city through piping to the province Fars (Shiraz) residents of these areas are faced with serious consequences of a healthy drinking water crisis.

The policy of discrimination and poor keeping of other nations is one of the Islamic Republic’s expanded policies during the 38 years period of this government.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association