Four prisoners of ideological and political protested against the verdicts issued by the Iranian courts

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, four Kurdish political and ideological prisoners were sentenced to 18 years in jail by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s security agencies in Oshnavieh and Urmia in eastern Kurdistan, which were sentenced to 18 years in separate cases by the judiciary,appealed against the sentences.

Seyed Shahab Hosseini, a resident of Bijan Abad, Oshnavieh, who was sentenced to three years in jail by the Revolutionary Court of the city on charges of “cooperating with Kurdish parties”, objected to the verdict.

He was arrested in 2017 by the forces of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Oshnavieh and transferred to the Urmia Intelligence detention center. After two and a half months, the interrogation under torture was transferred to Oshnavieh Prison and was released on bail.

In another news , 3 Citizens from Oshnavieh, Rasul Shire, Moloud Shire and Abdul Wahed Salamat, each have been protesting their 5 years imprisonment sentences.

They were arrested in early January 2016, convicted of “propaganda against the system through religious activities” by the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of the Islamic Republic of Iran in eastern Kurdistan, each of whom was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. They were transferred to the Urmia Central Prison after interrogation.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association