The provinces of East Kurdistan are based on the official statistics published below the middle line of youth

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and our reporter’s research, the average age in eastern Kurdistan is higher than the average in Iran, and the eastern provinces of Kurdistan are among the oldest parts of Iran. Also, among the provinces of east Kurdistan, the province of Kermanshah is the oldest province and the highest population of the elderly and the lowest The young population has been ranked seventh in Iran.

According to the report, the reason for the decline in the youth population in eastern Kurdistan was necessarily the poorest, poor, unemployed, and most importantly ethnic and religious discrimination, these reasons for the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the people of eastern Kurdistan, and that, over the years, the rule of self-government has expanded Poverty and poverty in these areas have diminished the desire for life among young people. In addition to deprivation and unemployment, the province of Kermanshah, its policy of self-regulation, its isolation and distance from its root, the desire to reduce the will of life among the society and the society is more aged.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, using the religious difference of the provinces of Kermanshah and Ilam, with other eastern Kurdistan provinces, has somewhat achieved its goals and separates these areas from other parts of Kurdistan and because of the deprivation, the young people of these provinces have been forced to move to the central parts of Iran It reduces the young population and alienates its culture and nationality.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association