Harassment of citizens “Salas Babajani” in eastern Kurdistan

By Revolutionary Guard Corps of the Islamic Republic of Iran According to a report to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association,on Friday 18 August 2017, Revolutionary Guard forces, residents of the village of Bani Nar, attacked the functions village Khaneh Shour ( Ashour) central part of the province of Baba Jani in eastern Kurdistan And caused harassment of the peoples of this village.

The villagers in the area are threatened by the forces that do not have the right to slaughter their animals in the Hokani cold zone and have caused the fear of the people of the region and residents of the village to be named.

It should be noted that about 50 households live in this village, most of whom are unemployed and unemployed carrier, and according to one of the villagers, carrier has not even received carrier right for a single term. The village of “Bani Nar “Salas Babajani has been deprived of sanitation, sanitation and even safe drinking water since the coming of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Not only did the authorities not take any measures to organize and deal with the problems of the village, but the forces affiliated with The Iranian government is harassing the villagers and creating fear among them.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association