54 days of ignorance of the fate of Ramin Hussein Panahi, the life of this political prisoner is at stake

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, 54 days after the Kurdish activist has been arrest, the news of the political life of this political prisoner, Ramin Hussein Panahi, is still unavailable, the life of this political prisoner is at serious risk.

Ramin Hussein Panahi was arrested on Friday 23 June 2017, along with his brother and two other comrades ambush the IRGC’s forces, while Ramin was arrested by these forces while being wounded and injured in a hospital in the eastern city of Sanandaj Kurdistan, but due to the prohibition of medical treatment in the treatment and transfer to the interrogation facility of the Revolutionary Guards and tortured by the interrogators by the interrogator, it has become unconscious and coma.

Ramin, during a shootout of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and injuring three bullets from the waist, leg and back, and after being transferred from the hospital to the Revolutionary Guard prison, went through coma, torture and bleeding, and left for a few days to one He was transferred from hospitals outside the city of Sanandaj.

It should be noted that, in accordance with the provisions of the treaty and human rights conventions, the protection of the wounded and the prisoners of war is carried out by warlords who have been injured or captured.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the United Nations, the human rights organizations affiliated with this organization, human rights organizations and individuals, and all organs and individuals active in defending human rights, have taken the necessary measures to protect the lives of this Kurdish political prisoner. And make Iran accountable for health status.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association