Two of the citizens of Shush were sentenced to prison by the Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz sentenced two Arab citizens, Seyed Morteza Mousavi and Jasem CHaeb, to three and a half years and fifteen years in prison respectively.


Seyed Morteza Mousavi and Jasem Chaeb two of the Ahmadabad district residents of Shush in February 2016, were arrested by intelligence agents.

Herana news agency wrote in this article: The two citizens were charged with shooting at a Husseiniyah and spent a period of interrogation with mistreatment and torture at the Ahvaz detention centre.

The defendants dismissed the allegations at all stages of the interrogation and prosecution, but in late July, the Revolutionary Court sentenced them to trial.

Mr. Mousavi and Chaeb, who were born respectively in 1991 and 1995, are currently in detention in Fajr Dezful Prison.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association