The victim of 2 people due to artillery attacks Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, IRGC artillery attackes in Baleh Kaya Ti region near the city of Rania  _Chuman and Qandil Mountains have resulted in the loss of two Kurd citizens and many financial losses.

According to a citizen in the area,because of the severity shelling for the region by the IRGC two of the Kurdish compatriots, Sherivan Mam Sheikh 22 years old and “Bistan” 14 years old were injured by Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces, and were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment.

He further said that the attack IRGC artillery strikes had left 30 of the nomadic families leaving these areas and sheltered them.

It should be recalled that the recent shelling of the Islamic Republic of Iran in parts of southern and eastern Kurdistan, apart from the victimization of the people, caused a lot of damage to the villages of these areas and caused a large part of the forest and pastures to be burned and human and animal environmental damage Has come along

And it should be noted that during the past few days, the military maneuver in the Shaho forest district was severely flooded by the Marivan, Sanandaj and Kamyaran areas, and despite the efforts of environmental activists and civilians to fight for fire, they were faced with the prohibition of the Revolutionary Guards They were.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association