The mine explosion in Kurdistan was once again the victim took.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, on Wednesday 9 August 2017,mine blast remained in the 8 years war between Iran and Iraq in eastern Kurdistan the victim took.

Loghman Hakimi, a 46 years old from the city of Marivan, who went to the mountains near Kani Kheiran near the city, was severely injured by the head and hand as a result of landing and blasting, and then was transferred to the Marivan city hospital, which according to According to an informed source, the condition has been reported to be serious and requires surgery.

It should be noted that in the fabricated frontiers of eastern and southern Kurdistan and the eight years war of Iran and Iraq, millions of mines have been planted by these two governments and, according to statistics, there are so far more than 17,500,000 unexploded mines on the border of these countries.

The explosion of mines planted since the beginning of 2017 has killed seven people and more than 26 wounded and defective members, of which 2 were killed and 3 were injured children, while in east Kurdistan, the mine-infested area is about 70,6250 hectares The danger of their explosion is still there.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association