Fire in 3 Oraman villages and lack of control it

The fires took place around 3 Oraman villages, which caused tens of hectares of land and natural forests in the area burned and spokesman for the relief and rescue of Halabja, south of Kurdistan, said it was not easy to control the fire.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, fires took place in the south of Kurdistan on the border between the villages “Bakh Kovn”, “Ga China” and “Golpaye” in the south of Kurdistan accurred, and until the preparation of this news is still not controlled.

Zanayar Omar Afsar, spokesman for security and security affairs in Halabja, told Roj News that the reason for these fires is unclear and by noon more than 2500 meters of the land and natural forests of this area burned in fire.

Roj News reported on the lack of fire control by the spokesman and wrote that he stated that due to the severity of wind, the severity of the region and the presence of mines and explosives during the war between Iran and Iraq, which is always the sound of the blast They can not control the fire and do not want to have any harmful consequences.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association