The shelling of the border areas of the city of Halabja by Iran

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Islamic Republic of Iran has targeted artillery strikes around the villages of the “Darah Tou” of Halabja Province in southern Kurdistan.

The governor of Halabja also said the shelling of the border areas are against any excuse and violate international law.

Yesterday, the Iranian government bombed the highlands of the village of “Darah Touy” from the provinces of Halabja and the common border of east Kurdistan, and this shelling did not suffer damage, but damaged much of region the nature.

Manzar Ali” from the relevant authorities of Halabja and the Kurdistan region called for an attempt to stop the shelling by negotiating with Iran consulates in the Kurdistan region.

The quoted from Roj News Hemen Mohammad Hussein Governor of Halabja said that he had not been aware of this rampart since the city of Halabja had a long border with Iran, and that is why, after receiving information about these measures, we examined.

The governor of Halabja also noted that in the past, due to this shelling, material, psychological and environmental damage has been brought to the border areas, and this shelling is not acceptable under any pretext and is in violation of international law.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association