Arrest of 20 carrier (innocent civilians) in the city of Sardasht and delivery to the Revolutionary Court

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, on Tuesday 8 August, 2017, at least 20 Kurdish carrier were arrested by the security forces in the village of Dula Bi, from Sardasht, in the eastern Kurdistan, and handed over to the Revolutionary Court of Sardasht.

According to a source, a source informed that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s police forces confiscated the property of carrier and arrested them and also announced that each of these defendants was fined by the court for a fine of 500,000 Toman and  they pledged to do not move near the border on.

It is necessary to say that this tragedy lasts and that every day, the Islamic Republic of Iran, apart from killing and wounding the carrier and their dead animals, confiscated their property and even fined it, while this weak and weak group The dangers and hardships of this way are saved.

Kuristan Human Rights Association