Referring Kurdish civil activist case to the Appeals Court

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report reported that the case of a civil activist from the city of Marivan in eastern Kurdistan has been sent with Branch 4 of the Appeals Court.

Saman Karimi, son of Abbas born in 1990, a civil activist from Marivan who was charged with charges of acting against national security, propaganda against the regime and disturbing public opinion was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by Branch 101 of the Revolutionary Court and filed a lawsuit Refer to Branch 4 of the Revision in the city of Sanandaj (its provisional decree was issued in January 2016 ).

It should be noted that Saman Karimi was first summoned and interrogated by the Intelligence Ministry during the gathering of Payame Noor Marivan University in 2009 and was also arrested on October 2016 by a raid on the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Information Office at his home in Marivan city. After a while, he was temporarily released on bail of 100 million Toman.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association