Harassment of females cyclist in Marivan and confiscating their bike

Girls of bicycling around the Zaribar Lake face the Islamic Republic of Iran’s plain clothes.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, today, Tuesday 1 Auguste 2017, personal forces affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Information Office in the city of Marivan, around the city of Zaribar, have been stationed to prevent the cycling of women and girls continuously Were patrolled. And all the women and girls riding a bike were warned by these forces with a written commitment to seize their bikes.

It is reported that since the day of 31 July 2017, these forces have been deployed in this region, and have prevented biker girls and women around the Zaribar Marivan lake.

IRGC agents argued against girls and women protesting the riding bike of girls  told them the riding bike of girls are prohibited in public places.

It should be noted that during recent month, the law enforcement officers of the Islamic Republic of Iran several times it has been prevented by bikers of women and girls in public places of Marivan.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association