Two mine remover were wounded in a mine explosion in Saqez

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association,today Monday, 24 July 2017,two of the personnel of the mine-clearing group were cleaned by protecting their identities during activities in the mine-infested mine abandoned site in the Sartakaltu village of the Sarshiv Saqez section in the east Kurdistan was severely damaged the hands and face, and And every 2 people were hospitalization to the hospital of Saghez.

According to the report, the purge of abandoned sites infected with the mine in Saqez has begun since 2017, but so far the Islamic Republic of Iran has not been responsible for the eradication of these mines, and each year the number of deaths and deficiencies is added and will be increased and in Spring this year the mines explosion in the village of “Jushan” near the base of the “Bardaqaverma” leads to the cut of the right foot of a citizen from Saqez.

It should be noted that east Kurdistan and Khuzestan province have more than four million hectares of land infested with land mines, and the Islamic Republic government has not yet developed a programmed to clean up the land mined.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association