Continued imposed isolation against “Abdullah Ocalan” and ban on family visit with them by Bursa court in Turkey

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the family of Abdullah Ocalan and several other prisoners at the Imrali Prison visited the Bursa City Court to visit the prisoners’ detainee.

In a report published in the same connection, Roj News wrote that Fatima and Mohammad Ocalan, the siblings of Abdullah Ocalan, went to the Bursa City Council with their lawyers to meet with Ocalan, while several families of other prisoners who were in Imrali prison came with them.

Families of “Hamilly Yildirim”, “Omar Khayri Kunar” and “Wisi Atakash”, in co-operation with the lawyers of these three prisoners, and family and lawyers of Abdullah Ocalan attempted to meet.

It should be recalled that following the failure of the peace process, announced unilaterally by the Turkish government, the isolation imposed on Mr. Ocalan, one of the leaders of the Kurdistan nation, has begun and the Turkish government has prevented any visit to them, The Turkish government’s behavior is a flagrant violation of human rights and international human rights conventions that spells out directly the rights of prisoners and states that no state and government are allowed to violate or violate it.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association