The fires Pataq in Sarpol Zahab are advancing forward.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, the fires in the city of Sarpol Zahab continue and are still not under control.

According to the latest announcement by members of the Zagros Green Association, it has been a burning down and demanded immediate action to contain it.

These fires began in 30 hectares of rangelands in the city of Sarpol Zahab in the rural district Beshiveh and Pataq the central part of Sarpol Zahab, and meadows and oak forests is their prey.

This fire includes a large portion of the rangelands and oak forests of Sarpol Zahab city in the area of Kousehha, Gavchali and Fouladi villages in Beshiveh and Pataq rural districts. Environmental protection forces, the management of agricultural Jihad and the forces of natural resources active in this area have not been unable to curb the fire.

Heat and hot winds and fires deliberately extended and it adds to the environmental degradation of eastern Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association