The continuity and spread of fires in the forests of Kusalan

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, pastures and forests of the city of Marivan from the yesterday, a vast area of the nature of these areas has been burned.

According to the report of the local people of the region despite the devotion and endeavors of the past 24 hours, they have not been able to control it by the intensity of the fire and have called for help from people to the nature of their land.

According to local sources, none of the government agencies are responsible for shutting down the fire and do not even provide the people with the necessary means to contain it.

It should be noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran, each year, with the arrival of the hot season and the drying of plants and pastures, with its plans and previous plans by the affiliated elements and security forces with undercover pretexts, forests and the beautiful nature of Kurdistan was burned down and turning these areas into deserts and vacancies and making their bases in these areas, and with the forced transfer of villagers to central cities, their security policies imposed on them by the livelihood of this group of people. It achieves its goals of curtailing the natural resources of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association