Rescue a woman sentenced to execution

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, quoted by the Harana News Agency on Tuesday 11 July 2017, a woman sentenced to death called Sheler Khosravi from Bukan in the central prison of Urmia ,with the passage avenger of blood got rid of death and to Naswan public ward returned.

Sheler Khosravi was arrested about three years and a half ago on charges of deliberate murder and sentenced to death by confessions of murder at the interrogation and prosecution stages of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to Article 275 and Article 208 of the Islamic Penal Code, “murderous” causes retaliation.but with the consent of the tail to the amount of blood money turns.

The report further states that after several days after the execution of several other prisoners in the Central Prison of Urmia, their execution has been confirmed and their identity is as follows:

1- Parviz Tamripour , son of Ismail from the village of Harsin Soma and Bradost Urmia

2- Faramarz Asgharzadeh, son of Rustam from the town of Hesar Urmia

3- Ramin Hanara, son of Jahangir from the village of Kharabeh Sanji.

  1. Mashallah Sayadi, son of Mohammad from Nazlou

5- Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, son of Salim from the Kani Rash residents, as well as another called Tohid Amini convict, is kept in death row in clause15 in central prison of Urmia, but his death sentence has not yet been executed.

The problem of the phenomenon of addiction in Iran as well as in eastern Kurdistan

The result is the absence of a system with a set of policies and programs with the basic, root and structure of society, which certainly causes dozens of problems and anomalies in the society where addiction is considered one of the problems, while the Islamic Republic Iran seeks to correct and control this dilemma in the execution of its citizens.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association