30% exhaustion of Schools and Educational Spaces of Kermanshah Province in east Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Human Rights Assciation, quoted by the Harana news agency, reports that 30% of the schools and educational facilities in Kermanshah Province in eastern Kurdistan are worn out and need to be restored, equipped and arranged.

Farhad Tajri, a member of the Kermanashah province’s deputies’ council, said that 30% of the schools and educational spaces had been criticized by the Ministry of Education for the provision, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the schools in the province over the past few years. They are worn out and require major changes, including rebuilding and organizing.

Farhad Tajari also stated that the schools in Kermanshah province, given their need for reconstruction, unfortunately did not take much action in recent years in the Ministry of Education.

Representative of Qasr-e Shirin and Sarpolzahab and Gilan-e-Gharb in the Islamic Consultative Assembly acknowledged that, according to available information, education to credit (1000 billion) for worth of modernization, equipping and development (105 thousand) schools in 2017 needs.

It should be noted that the areas in Kermanshah province are among the border_ tropocal areas. Due to the climatic conditions and the presence of dusts and dust in these areas, it is necessary to pay special attention to the issues of heating and cooling in the educational environment and schools of this province.

It should be noted that in the system of educational systems and educational facilities for students in the Islamic Republic of Iran, every year we witness events that are due to the lack of standard educational facilities and the destruction of schools across the country, especially in eastern Kurdistan. The fire at Shin Abad School in Piranshahr indicated that a number of students were burnt at the fire and so far suffered from injuries.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association