Non-payment of workers’ wage arrears in eastern Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report and local sources, workers in the Sardasht municipality and Gezar Dareh tunnel located on the Sanandaj _ Marivan road in eastern Kurdistan have not received their wage arrears for several months.

The report states that about 200 workers of Sardasht municipality have been unpaid for about four months and have appealed on this issue on Tuesday 11 July 2017, while according to the workers, their premiums were not paid in the past months and even It prohibits referring them to organs and competent bodies such as the Labor Office and the City Council.

In this context and according to a report from the sources of Kurdistan province, on Wednesday 12 July this year, about 20 workers who worked on the project on the construction of the Gezar Dareh tunnel on the Sanandaj _ Marivan road, after their work,at the end of their work, they have not yet received their wage arrears for the years 2016 and 2017.

It should be noted that officials and officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, each time, are trying to calm down and deceive the public minds with the promise of paying salaries and wages to the workers, and always on various occasions such as the Labor Day and … to advance policies Their immoral and inhumane people exploit this vulnerable stratum.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association