Execution of 2 Prisoners in Orumieh Prison in east Kurdistan

In a report to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association ,today, Saturday 15 July 2017, 2 prisoners who were transferred o solitary confinement yesterday, were executed.

The identity of these two prisoners who have been detained in ciause 15 of the Orumiyeh prison for two to three years is as follows: “Mashallah Sayadnowy” from Orumieh and “Mohammad Reza Sadeghi” from the village (Kani Rash) from the city of Orumiyeh.

In the same way and in the Parsilon Prison of Khoramabad, on Thursday 13 July 2017, 3 prisoners have been transferred to solitary confinement for drug use charges for the execution of the death sentence.

It should be noted that yesterday, Friday, 14 July 2017, 4 prisoners were transferred to narcotic charges in solitary confinement in the prison of Orumiyeh, with the identity of three of them identified, and today executions of two of them mentioned were carried out.

It should be noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has not been able to act properly in solving the problem of addiction and related crimes, while at least 5000 drug-related prisoners in Iran’s prisons are awaiting execution, and government officials have not yet implemented any plans. Has not implemented a project on the reduction of executions and drug-related crimes, and even the plan that the Islamic Consultative Assembly has given to the judiciary has been neglected.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association