The continuation of the political arrests of the Turkish government against the representatives of the Kurd nation in northern Kurdistan

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, today, on Friday 14 July 2017, the Democratic People’s Democratic Party (HDP), “Chaghral Demiral”, and the People’s Representative “Amed” in northern Kurdistan, were sentenced to seven years and six months in prison.

According to the report, the prosecutor of Turkey continued to execute the orders of the Turkish government headed by Erdogan and the AKP party against the representatives of the Kurdish people and The People’s Democratic People’s Party (HDP), the city Amed , has been charged with accusing members of the KJK organization and issued her prison sentence.

It should be recalled that the Turkish government has carried out massive attacks in northern Kurdistan and arrested and imprisoned a large number of parliamentarians, mayors, university professors, political and civil figures, and journalists, and while at the same time attempting to suppress and militarize the cities and villages of northern Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association