Movements of the Turkish Army at the Afrin border of West Kurdistan (Rozhava)

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and citing the news published by the news agency Ruzh News, the movements of the Turkish army at the borders of the village of Ali Karobiki, “Bolboli” in the Kanton of Afrin in the west of Kordestan, “Rozhava”, and the villages of Jibjiou” and ” The northern part of Kurdistan has grown and civilian citizens approaching the border are attacks targeted.

According to reports, the Turkish military has deployed military equipment and soldiers in these areas and excavated a large number of tunnels and placed military vehicles there. Also, the Turkish army has burned about 2,000 trees in the area and has begun to build a wall, and on the other hand, a number of civilian military forces have been plunging into citizens and threatening them.

It should be noted that for a long time, the Turkish government has been recognized as the main supporter of ISIL. In the current state of affairs, when the Islamic State (ISIL) is destroying its last breath in Rouzava and southern Kurdistan, the Turkish government wants to carry out attacks in these areas for lifetime ISIL is increasing, and this is primarily a war against humanity and, secondly, a war against the Kurdish nation in the West of Kurdistan (Rozhava), which has been designated as the main counter-terrorism force.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association