The Kurdish student suspiciously lost his life.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, a Kurdish student 23 years old from the village of Kani Charmu functions city of Divandareh in east Kurdistan, yesterday evening, 10 July 2017,lost his life and now there is no information about the cause of this young death.

“Azad Mohammadi” a student at Sanandaj University, and the mother said that during the watching TV on the home the electricity was cut and when it’s plugged in again ,Azad was electrocuted and he lost his life before being transferred to the hospital.

According to one of the family members of Mohammadi, the hospital doctor said that the neck was black and bruised, indicating that he had been killed or attempted suicide. Following the transfer of the body to the forensic medicine, one day later, the body is delivered to its family, while according to the forensic doctrine, the effects of the torture on the body of this Kurd student have existed and is likely to be murdered. Needless to say, the Azad brother, who was a medical student two years ago, attempted suicide at the same place and lost his life.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association